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President: Mohamed Ould Ghazouani
Prime Minister: Ismail Ould Bedde Ould Cheikh Sidiya
Capital city: Nouakchott
Languages: Arabic (official and national), Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof (all national languages), French note: the spoken Arabic in Mauritania differs considerably from the modern standard Arabic used for official written purposes or in the media; the Mauritanian dialect, which incorporates many Berber words, is referred to as Hassaniya

Population, persons: 4,403,319 (2018)
Area, sq km: 1,030,700
GDP per capita, US$: 1,189 (2018)
GDP, billion current US$: 5.2 (2018)
GINI index: 32.6 (2014)
Ease of Doing Business rank: 152

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